9/12/08 - New CD is HERE!!

9/05/08 - New CD - Paper Dolls is currently in print, we've been told we should have it by the end of this month, release Party early OCT!! we'll keep you posted!

9/04/08 - Join the mobile Text club @ broadtexter.com/mfb - we'll shoot you a text to let you know about our upcoming gigs!

8/04/08 - Quinns Music Festival was a great time!! Thanks for hangin!!! The new CD is being printed this week, we'll keep you posted.

12/19/07 - MFB now on ITUNES!!! search for My Friend Ben - or click the link to the right.

6/8/07 - the new album is almost done, there's some quality stuff here, if i don't say so myself.

5/11/07 - 5/12  - We're headed back to the studio to finish up the new album....it's looking like it's gonna be 10-12 tunes...

11/10/06 - My Friend Ben....goes back into the studio to work on their new album! 

6/29/06 - My Friend Ben - Newsday  - http://www.newsday.com/news/columnists/ny-wwblurb4798228jun29,0,6320374.column

2/23/06 - What's up ya'll, i just wanted to thanks everyone who came out to Round 1 of Emergenza @ the Hook in Brooklyn and helped push us into the next round.  They called today to congratulate us for coming in first place last night....which is pretty cool i suppose.  Round 2 will once again be at the Hook, but this time it will be on a Friday or Saturday, and we will be chartering a bus for all the LI Crew to come on down and get crazy with us!!!   Coming up this Saturday night we'll be playing at the Bitter End with Bloo!!  All the fun starts at 12 midnight, with Bloo and MFB at 1:00am, it's gonna be a late one...you might have to plan on other transportation to get home cuz the last train is at 2:40pm.  Hope to see you there!!

2/21/06 - Emergenza news MFB gets in there!!!

"It's the biggest music event in the world so that's why I wanted to be involved in it. It's cool as hell," said Jeff Goldin, one of five managing partners for the two-and-a-half-year-old club The Hook, four of whom live within a mile away. Plans to hold the festival in the same place next year are already being discussed.

One of the plusses of the festival, Goldin said, is the variety of musical genres represented, which includes hip hop, rap, hardcore punk, straight rock and roll, and even ballads. Ages of participants also vary, and Goldin said the range is from14-50, with the majority being between 19 and 25.

"We love it...It's brought us a hundred bands that never heard of the club before" as well as 3,000 guests, said Goldin. "We had six or seven bands who blew us away," he added, naming My Friend Ben, and The New Piracy.
full article here